Hall of Fame - CARSON, a rescued white German Shepherd

Rescued by White German Shepherd Rescue of Phoenix, Arizona

Carson was an unwanted, discarded, “throwaway” dog. He was discovered by White German Shepherd Rescue (WGSR) in a high-kill California shelter in October of 2004. WGSR had never dealt with this particular shelter before, but with the help of a vast network of rescue people and transporters, Carson was brought through a major rainstorm to Phoenix in search of his forever home. After a bout with kennel cough, Carson found that forever home with Jean and Georgi, shortly before Christmas 2004.

It was in the fall of 2005, that this unwanted shelter dog repaid his forever family a thousand fold by saving the life of his adoptive mom and preventing what could have been a major disaster to his home and neighborhood.

Carson is normally a quiet dog who very rarely barks, except when the UPS man or the cable man come to the house. One afternoon, Jean was working from home. Carson had gone out into the back yard and, after a while, Jean heard him barking and barking. Thinking that the UPS man had arrived, Jean went out the front door to check, but no one was there. Carson continued to bark and Jean went looking for him in the back yard, but Carson was nowhere in sight. She followed the sound of his barking, and found Carson on the far side of the house that is rarely used and where Carson usually does not go. Jean approached and discovered that Carson was barking at a leaking gas valve leading to the house.

Realizing the potential for disaster that a gas leak can mean, Jean immediately called the gas company for service. If their response time is any indication of how much danger Jean was in, there can be no doubt that Carson saved Jean’s life – the gas company’s repair unit arrived at Jean’s house less than TEN minutes after her call!

Jean never would have found the leak because it was outside, on the side of the house, and virtually undetectable – except to Carson, who recognized the leaking valve as a danger and alerted his mom to it. Had this gas leak gone undetected, the potential for an explosion was very real, as was the danger to his home and family.

Carson is a true hero.

Carson at the kill shelter

Carson is adopted

Carson & Georgie

Jean & Carson with Carson's Hall of Fame plaque

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