The WGSDCII™ Futurity shall be open to every purebred German Shepherd bitch (the bitch must be owned by a member-in-good-standing of the White German Shepherd Dog Club International, Inc.) bred on or after October 30th of any year and all her white progeny (puppies) born on or after January 1st of the year following. The dams of these litters MUST have been duly nominated using an official WGSDCII™ Futurity Nomination Form filed with the WGSDCII™ Futurity Secretary along with the required fee. All dams nominated and all sires bred to must be registered as a German Shepherd Dog. (Litters produced by bitches/dogs registered as "White Shepherds" with any registry are NOT eligible for nomination to the WGSDCII™ Futurity.)

Nomination of dams must be made within sixty (60) days after the puppies have been whelped. This payment will entitle each white puppy of this particular litter to be entered for the WGSDCII™ Futurity purse after the dog has been properly registered in a recognized stud book (e.g., AKC).

Nomination of dams may be made on or after October 30th of any year and shall close positively October 29th the following year for the WGSDCII™ Futurity to be run the year following the closing date -- the competing puppies will be from approximately 18 months to 2 years of age at the time of the Futurity in which they are eligible to compete and will be classified as "SENIOR" (whelped 1/1 to 4/30), "INTERMEDIATE" (whelped 5/1 to 8/31) and "JUNIOR" (whelped 9/1 to 12/31) of the Futurity year on the official entry form. Futurity classes will be split into these three categories, as well as by sex, if there is sufficient number of entries to warrant class separation in any given Futurity.

Should a bitch bred in October of any year not whelp her litter until after January 1st, that litter shall be considered to have been enrolled in the next succeeding futurity. If a bitch fails to whelp or gives birth to a dead litter, or does not produce any white puppies, her nomination may substitute another or transfer the nomination to another person in the same or next succeeding stake (subject to the approval of the WGSDCII™), provided said nominator shall give notice within thirty (30) days after the time the bitch should have whelped. If a nomination is not made in accordance with this requirement, first nomination fee shall be forfeited. A single substitution shall be made under the same condition governing original nomination.

At the time of the WGSDCII™ Futurity for which a litter is eligible, the WGSDCII™ Futurity Secretary shall send Futurity Entry Forms to the BREEDERS of all Futurity nominated litters. The breeders should, in turn, mail an entry form to EACH owner of the [ADD white puppies in the nominated litter. Those owners may or may not choose to enter their individual puppy in the Futurity for which it is eligible.

EXPLANATION: The last day for breeding is October 29th of each year. The $10.00 nomination fee is due within sixty (60) days of whelping. The Futurity is held in conjunction with the WGSDCII™ National Specialty Show, with the purse being split 2/3 to the owner of the winner and 1/3 to the breeder of the winner. This is totally independent of regular breed judging and requires a separate judge and entry fee.

As of the 1998 National Specialty Show, a Best of Opposite in Futurity in addition to Best in Futurity shall be offered at each National Show. No money shall be awarded for the Best of Opposite in Futurity. Trophies MAY be awarded for these wins; however, rosettes MUST be awarded.


2012 National

  • Lady Vanity vom Nordstern/Leonberg's Ritter vom Rommel

    2013 National

  • Terror's Peterbuilt Bobby/WGSDCII/UKC CH Roann Wild Spirit v Honeyhill

    If you have sent in a Nomination Form and your litter does not appear here, please email the WGSDCII™ Futurity Secretary or snail mail at 2807 West Michelle Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85053-1732.

  • Click here for a printable Futurity Nomination Form . If you would like to receive a nomination form, please email the WGSDCII™ Futurity Secretary or snail mail at 2807 West Michelle Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85053-1732.